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Narcolepsy treatment in Ridgeland,MS

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder associated with an inability to control the sleep-wake cycle. People who are suffering from narcolepsy will experience extreme sleepiness in the daytime and sleep attacks during any activity. They can experience these kinds of sleep attacks at any time of the day.

During sleep we naturally enter the sleep stages step by step from the initial stage of sleep, deep sleep, and then Rapid eye movement sleep which is also known as REM Sleep. For those experiencing narcolepsy, they will enter REM sleep instantly during their sleep cycle and rhythmically even when they are conscious. We even experience hallucinations and cataplexy which are common symptoms of narcolepsy.

Normally Narcolepsy begins at the age of 15 to 25, but there are chances of becoming ostensibly at any age group. Sometimes narcolepsy cannot be treated and diagnosed.

Symptoms of narcolepsy:

Excessive daytime sleepiness:

Excessive daytime sleepiness also known as EDS obstructs daily routine activities inspite of having sufficient sleep at night. If a person is suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness then they might also suffer from mental disturbances, energy loss, lack of concentration, sad mood, memory loss/failures.


If a person is suffering from Narcolepsy, then they might have experienced weakness which is caused by sudden loss of muscle tone and also control on the muscles. It can also cause issues like uncontrolled speech, body collapsing, and all of a sudden it also triggers emotions like laughter, anger or surprise.

Sleep paralysis:

Here, the person suffering from Narcolepsy will experience inability to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up which is temporary for a moment. It usually lasts for a few seconds, but sometimes it can lasts for minutes.


In this condition, a person can hear, taste, smell or feel things which do not really exist. In this scenario, people will not be awake or will be in the subconscious state. Hallucination can also be caused by taking some specific drugs. For few people, hallucination can be due to lack of sleep.

How to diagnose Narcolepsy?

If anyone has the above symptoms, then it is advised to visit Dr. Parveen Kumar in Ridgeland MS at the earliest to get it treated. It can be diagnosed by some physical examination, taking their medical history, by knowing their lifestyle and also by conducting some sleep studies. If you are really suffering from Narcolepsy, then the combination of medication and change in the lifestyle/behavioral changes are the most effective way of treatment. Along with the medication, it is very important to take some counselling from an expert.

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